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Could invoice factoring help my business’s cash flow problem? For many SMEs, invoice factoring companies can provide ready money for everyday expenses


Almost every business that’s been running for a while knows the misery of clients that adopt the “can’t pay, won’t pay” attitude.  If you’ve got long-standing invoices which have remained unpaid, or simply find that you have a considerable sum locked in unpaid invoices, factoring invoicing could work for you.


Invoice factoring companies buy your invoices, paying you an advance as soon as the deal is completed, followed by a further sum once the invoices have been settled.  The factoring company will undertake all the debt collection work; all you need to do is use the money generated from the process to keep your business growing. Ideal for a rapid cash injection, factoring also eliminates the need to chase debts or take further action following non-payment.


We can offer invoice factoring UK wide, putting you in touch with experienced, professional factoring companies that could help you generate some finance without the need for a traditional business loan.

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