Equipment Financing

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What equipment funding is available for my business?  There are several different products on offer to fund capital expenditure, including equipment


Particularly when it comes to business start up, a change in direction or a time of growth, there’s often a need to invest significantly in new equipment.  Unfortunately, it’s also during these times that money can be particularly tight; either the business hasn’t begun to generate much of a profit yet, or expansion requires considerable revenue expense as well as expenditure on machinery or equipment.  In these circumstances, borrowing to finance equipment may be the preferred option.


We can locate lenders that are able to provide a variety of equipment finance rates, depending on how much you want to borrow and what type of item you intend to buy.  Equipment needn’t just relate to items that would appear on the asset inventory; some businesses may need addition  funds to purchase smaller items for short-term use.


No matter what type of equipment purchase you need to make, we can usually put you in contact with a lender who will let you borrow the amount you need to provide your business with the goods required for successful trading.

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