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Business acquisition loans for bad credit; are there any out there? Many different business acquisition loans for UK companies are currently available


Business acquisition funding is notoriously tricky, not least because often there aren’t many assets which could be sold off as collateral should the newly acquired business begin to falter. Luckily lenders recognise this, which is why there are a number of different loan products on the market which have been specifically designed for business acquisition purposes.


Lending may take the form of an SBA 7a business acquisition loan (insured by the government) or some form of seller finance option. As business acquisition loan brokers, we’re able to find lenders who offer a variety of finance solutions if you’re looking to buy a business.


A poor credit record need not necessarily be a barrier to borrowing. Credit companies have a variety of perspectives on risk, with some being more willing to lend when the level of risk is felt to be high than others. Lenders may charge more interest or limit the amount that can be borrowed if they feel that a credit score suggests an elevated level of risk.  Even if you’ve been refused a business acquisition loan in the past, it’s always worth asking if we’ve got anything suitable available.

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